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IAS officer in tears after seeing seriously injured child due to an accident: “He can’t move at all…”

Following a head-on collision between a private bus and a mini-truck in Lakhimpur Kheri on Wednesday that resulted in at least 10 fatalities and numerous injuries, an IAS officer was unable to control her tears when she visited a hospital. Roshan Jacob, the divisional commissioner for Lucknow, sobbed as he assessed the situation at a hospital where the injured were being treated.

Jacob can be heard questioning why the patient hasn’t been evaluated yet while speaking with hospital staff about the condition of a child who was seriously hurt in the accident. After being assured that the kid had just undergone an examination, the IAS officer questions whether the child has sustained a fracture because he is immovable.

Since the family cannot afford the cost, she also asks the authorities if a doctor can be called in directly rather than referring the patient.

On Wednesday, the video went viral after social media influencers referred to her as a “genuine government officer.”

According to PTI, which cited DSP Pritam Pal Singh, the accident happened on the Aira bridge on National Highway 730, around 30 kilometers from the district headquarters. When it collided with the mini-truck traveling in the opposite direction, the bus was traveling from Dhaurhara to Lucknow.

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