HISTORY: Ancient Egyptian Believed Cats Had Magical Powers. Learn How.

Some places in the country are superstitious about certain things, objects, or even about pet animals, mostly a cat. They believed if a cat was placed in the empty cradle of newlyweds, a baby will arrive soon into their life. If a cat sneezes three times, someone will catch a cold. When a cat washes its ears a lot, it will rain. Having a cat in a theater is good luck or if a black cat crosses your way it considers as bad luck.

There were countless believers depending on the places, culture, and practices of what they believed is fact across the country in such things. The best and most well-known example one can ever give on superstition on cat’s power is an Egyptian.

Egyptians believed cats were magical creatures, capable of bringing good luck to the people who sheltered them. To honor these treasured pets, wealthy families dressed them in jewels and fed them treats fit for royalty. When the cats died, they were mummified.

The reason behind the cat being treated as high as the royal is because, according to Egyptian mythology, gods and goddesses had the power to transform themselves into different animals. Only one deity, the Goddess named Bastet, had the power to become a cat. In the city of Per-Bast, a beautiful temple was built, and people came from all over to experience its magnificence.

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