Himanta promises to take action after visiting an area in Dibrugarh affected by erosion

Himanta Biswa Sarma, the chief minister of Assam, visited the eroded embankment in the Maijan neighbourhood of the Dibrugarh district on Sunday and promised that immediate action would be taken to fix the issue. Additionally, he declared that his government would help the local families whose homes and land were lost to erosion. “The water resources department has been acting quickly to stop erosion over the past few days. We are optimistic about the project’s outcome “Later, Sarma told reporters.

He claimed that efforts were being made to identify a long-lasting fix for the issue. “The government will use all of its power to stop erosion. We are also receiving assistance from the local populace and the employees of the nearby tea gardens. The chief minister assured them that the government would offer assistance. Sarma reviewed the embankment repair work being done and requested that all agencies work cooperatively to find a time-bound solution. The Maijan area embankment is essential for protecting Dibrugarh town from flooding.

(source : PTI)

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