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Heartbreaking video: Man playing Hanuman in Ramleela died during his performance in UP

In Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh, a man aged 55 who was portraying the character of Hanuman in the play Ramleela passed away on the stage. Suddenly deteriorating on stage as he was portraying Hanuman in Ramlila, he died after falling to the ground and hitting his head. The video of this occurrence has gone viral online.

In the Fatehpur district’s Salempur village, near the Dhata police station, is where this incident occurred. In a video of this heartbreaking incident from Fatehpur’s Ramlila, an actor is seen leaping onto the stage with a mace while a song from Hanuman Ji Leela is playing in the background. It is stated that this person is 55 years old. He suddenly becomes sicker and stumbles off the stage. There is an audible cry as soon as he hits the stage because he died on the stage while performing which stunned the viewers.

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