Government officials to receive quota for promotion: 8,000 to be promoted

According to officials acquainted with the situation, the central government is planning to promote 8,089 employees, including giving reservations in promotion to people from the SC and ST castes and tribes. 5,032 of the total promotions are unreserved, while 1,734 are for positions not covered by the reservation in promotion system, reported by HT . According to statistics reviewed by HT, the government has granted 727 promotions in the SC category and 207 in the ST category. Details were not immediately available for 389 posts.

Many of these normal promotions were delayed for more than six years, which prompted objections from officials who demanded that the process be resumed. They also demanded that reservations in promotion be granted up to the rank of undersecretary in the government.

Nearly 4,734 employees of the Central Secretariat Service (CSS) are scheduled to receive regular promotions. Over 1,757 officials will obtain a regular promotion from assistant section officer to section officer, which has been on hold since 2018. Then, over 1,472 section officers will receive a regular promotion to undersecretary, which has been on hold since 2015. In addition to the 327 director-level promotions, 1,097 other officials will be promoted to the deputy secretary rank between 2013 and 2022.

The DoPT stated in the order promoting undersecretaries that until further orders, “all the officers as indicated in the Annexure who are in service as of the date of this Order are retained in the respective Ministries/Departments where they are currently posted on their regular promotion to the Grade.” “Officers included in the Select List for any year and still holding the post of Under Secretary is required to assume control of the post of Deputy Secretary and their regular appointment will only take effect from such date,” the statement reads.

For officers who are currently on deputation, the request to return to the cadre in order to be considered for promotion must be made within seven working days of the order’s issue, and the officer must report to the CSI Division within 30 working days of that date. If they decide to stay on ex-cadre positions, the borrowing authority in question must submit a suitable proposal to this Department within 20 working days after the order’s issuing in order for it to be taken into consideration for a proforma promotion in accordance with the rules in place. The decision also stated, “The Ministry/Department concerned from whom the officer proceeded on deputation shall only issue notification for their regular promotion upon grant of proforma promotion.

According to a formal order, the government requested all ministries to start gathering information on the representation of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe employees at all levels in April of this year. This was an important first step in implementing reservation in promotion for these groups, which have recently emerged as a significant electoral force.

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