Global Terrorists on Ministry Formation; China expressed happiness said “anarchy” has ended in Afghanistan

The Taliban has announced its interim government in Afghanistan, which includes many global terrorists.

 The Taliban on Tuesday announced the names of 33 people in its interim government, including those from the terrorist organization Haqqani Network in high positions. Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund has been made the Prime Minister. Sirajuddin Haqqani, the head of the Haqqani network and the most wanted global terrorist, has been made the Home Minister.

Apart from this, Mullah Yakub, son of Taliban founder Mullah Omar, has been given the responsibility of Defense Minister. The formation of government by the Taliban in Afghanistan has surprised the world to see big terrorists in such high positions.

Meanwhile, a statement came from China regarding the interim formation of the Taliban government in Afghanistan, in which  China has described the Taliban’s move as an “essential step” to restore order and said it has put an end to “anarchy”. Simultaneously, China reiterated its old stance that the organization should build a broad-based political structure and follow a liberal domestic and foreign policy.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin

 Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin stated about the Taliban government, “We are focusing on government formation.” It has brought an end to the chaos in Afghanistan after more than three weeks and has taken necessary steps to restore domestic order and advance post-war reconstruction for Afghanistan. We saw that the Afghan Taliban said that an interim government has been formed to restore social and economic order as soon as possible, it stated.

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