Fourth State of Emergency in Tokyo amid surging Coronavirus Cases;

According to the reports coming from Tokyo metropolitan government, it has been confirmed that 4,058 cases of coronavirus are reported on Saturday. Triggering concerns about the rising cases of the virus amid the Olympics.

In the past three days, the number of cases stayed within 3000, while it was overtaken with a record of 3,865 cases on Thursday.

However, it further surges the infection with a record of 4,058 cases on Saturday.

The Central Government has placed Tokyo under the fourth state of emergency through August 31st, relying mostly on corporate and not imposing a hard and strict lockdown.

The surge in the infections comes amid the spread of the highly contagious Delta variant of the coronavirus.

The Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga on Friday said there is no link between the ongoing Olympic games and the surging Covid-19 cases in the capital Tokyo. He also stated that adequate measures are being taken to prevent the infection from spreading to athletes and staff visiting for the games.

“We are thoroughly implementing these steps, so I don’t believe (the Olympics) are the cause” for the sharp rise in infections,” he said at a press conference after deciding to expand the current COVID-19 state of emergency beyond Tokyo.

The Prime Minister also asserted that the number of people arriving in Japan for the Olympics and Paralympics has been cut to around one-third, with border controls at airports preventing them to come into contact with the public.

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