Former Gujarat Congress President became Asia’s longest Covid-19 hospitalized patient to fight the deadly virus….

The former Gujarat Congress president and Member of Parliament Bharat Solanki created a unique record by becoming Asia’s longest Covid-19 patient to have fought the deadly virus for 101 days and staying 51 days in the ventilator.

He was discharged from the hospital after 101 days and after a heroic fight against the deadly virus.

Bharat Singh Solanki was admitted to a hospital in Vadodara after he tested Covid positive on the 22nd of June 2021. Later he was shifted to CIMS Hospital in Ahmedabad as his condition started deteriorating. His lungs, liver, and kidney suffered damage as reported.

He was on ventilator support for 51 days and gradually the function of his lungs started recovering which took 15-20 days and slowly his oxygen level started to maintain as told by the doctors of the CIMS Hospital Ahmedabad.

The fight against the virus and winning the battle made the former Congress President of Gujarat more confident. His perspective towards life has changed after this long battle, he said: “My confidence level has uplifted after the discharge from the hospital if I can stay alive in such a critical phase of my life than in near future also if any difficult situation arises I will be brave enough to fight the situation with more confidence.”

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