First cyclonic storm post-monsoon ‘Sitrang’ likely to develop over Bay of Bengal by weekend

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted that the first cyclonic storm following the monsoon is likely to form over the west-central Bay of Bengal around the weekend and will affect the coasts of north Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, and West Bengal. However, the exact location of its landfall is still unknown. The cyclone will be known as ‘Sitrang’ once it has formed.

The head of IMD’s cyclone monitoring branch, Ananda Kumar Das, claimed that during the past 20 years, cyclones in the post-monsoon season have been more severe than those in the pre-monsoon season. “So, we anticipate that this system will likewise get more intense.” By Saturday morning over Central Bay of Bengal, a low-pressure area was expected to form over the southeast and adjacent east-central Bay of Bengal, move west-northwest, and consolidate into a depression. IMD predicted that it would most likely intensify into a cyclone over the western Bay of Bengal later.

The location of the cyclone is currently the subject of significant model divergence, according to Das. “But the majority of them point to the region being somewhere between the beaches of north Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal. On Tuesday, October 25, it is predicted to make landfall, however as of today, Tuesday, they are unable to determine where it will do so because the system has not yet evolved.

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