Ex Mr.India Manoj Patil attempted Suicide; Condition Critical

Former Mr. India contest winner Manoj Patil allegedly tried to commit suicide by consuming sleeping pills at his residence in suburban Oshiwara in the wee hours on Thursday, police said.

Former Mr. India winner Manoj Patil has reportedly been hospitalized at the Cooper Hospital after he allegedly attempted suicide. Patil’s manager said that the incident took place around 12.30 AM on Thursday, and informed PTI that Patil’s condition is critical.

Manoj Patil’s manager said that he had recently written a letter to the Oshiwara Police demanding to lodge an FIR against actor Sahil Khan, alleging that the actor was defaming Patil on social media. An officer in the Oshiwara police station, however, said that no FIR has been registered.

Manoj Patil’s suicide letter which is now viral on social media, states that: He was committing suicide because of mental distress and stigma. Manoj, who became Mr. India, had started preparations for Mr. Olympia. Sahil Khan also wanted to take part in the tournament. Manoj has alleged that Sahil was harassing him to keep him away from it and not to participate in Mr. Olympia.

Manoj Patil’s mother told the publication, “My son told me that he was being mentally harassed by Sahil Khan. It came to a state where he said ‘I feel like ending my life and he tried to take his life.”

Local MNS leader Suraj Sonawane said that, “He (Manoj Patil) told me how he had been facing problems for months. Till the time it was restricted to professional rivalry it was ok but for some time Sahil Khan started targeting his personal life and also threatened that his visa would be canceled which made him take this step.” Sonawane said.

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