Europe probable to be the epicenter of Covid-19 yet again; Warns WHO

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the European region now has 78 million cases, far higher than Southeast Asia, the Eastern Mediterranean, the Western Pacific, and Africa combined. Nearly half of the world’s recorded Covid-19 deaths occurred last week in Europe and Central Asia. It is a sign that could take the countries to be the epicenter of the existing pandemic.

Despite the WHO’s repeated warnings to the world that the pandemic is far from over and that people should adhere to stringent guidelines to avoid spreading infection, as the pandemic continues.

However, the pandemic has accelerated throughout Europe over the previous four weeks, as colder temperatures encourage more indoor socializing and many governments relax their regulations. The World Health Organization has stated repeatedly that the pandemic is not yet finished and that governments should continue to implement public-health measures such as mask use in addition to vaccinations.

“If we continue on this path, we could witness another half a million Covid-19 deaths across Europe and Central Asia by February 1 next year,” Hans Kluge, the WHO’s regional director for Europe, said at a press conference on Thursday. During that time, he also predicted that many countries will see the stress on hospital beds.

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