Employee receives 300 months’ salary at once, Rs 1.4 cr accidently; Resigns & disappears

Take a moment to imagine yourself walking about your day when you receive a notification on your phone. As you check what it is, you find that the company you work for has transferred lakhs worth of salary to your account.

The Food Industrial Consortium Cial credited an employee with about 300 months of salary. Chilean authorities investigated this incident last month. As a result of some error by the company, the employee received a salary of 165,398,851 Chilean pesos (approximately Rs 1.43 crore) rather than his actual salary of 500,000 pesos (roughly Rs 43,000).

The worker approached the deputy manager on May 30 to inform him of the extra money that had been credited to his account; according to DF Mas, the worker was employed as a dispatch assistant. The inaccuracy was discovered by the analyst as the deputy manager contacted the human resources division. He was told the credit to his account was an error and not for any services that had been provided. Additionally, in order to settle the accounts, the employee was asked to provide a voucher in the company’s name.

He was supposed to go to the bank the following day, but he failed to appear. He didn’t respond to texts or missed calls until 11:00 am, when he claimed that he woke up late and would be heading to the bank. That turned out to be the worker’s final interaction with the business. On June 2, the worker handed his letter of voluntarily resigning to the business through a lawyer.

He collected the cash and fled. Since then, there hasn’t been much communication with him.

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