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Eels Generate Hundreds of Volts Through Their Organs Made Up Of Cell Called “Electrocytes”. Learn More.

Eels are water creatures they are ray-finned fish. Eels undergo considerable development from the early larval stage to the eventual adult stage, and most are predators.

They have long and narrow bodies like snakes. Adult eels can be as short as 10 cm or as long as 3 m. It depends on their species. The large eels can weigh up to 65 kg.

Eels swim by the generating waves which travel the length of their bodies. They can swim backward by reversing the direction of the wave.

It can be prey to humans and other animals. But do you know eel blood is dangerous for any living beings? Learn how it can be deadly.

Eel’s blood is poisonous, which discourages other creatures from eating them. A very small amount of eel blood is enough to kill a person, so raw eel should never be eaten. Their blood contains a toxic protein that cramps muscles, including the most important one, the heart.

The eel gets its name from the eels which lived in its water, it came from the Dutch word ael, so ael mere meaning eel lake. The large Almere, which existed in the early Medieval Netherlands.


They have three sets of internal organs that produce electricity. The organs are made up of special cells called “electrocytes.” Electric eels can create both low and high-voltage charges with their electrocytes. Electric eels generate their electric shocks much like a battery.

It can produce electric shock by discharging all electrocytes simultaneously and can generate hundreds of volts (the largest recorded is 500 V) with a current of up to 1 A (ampere). When an electric eel senses prey or a threat, it sends a signal through its nervous system to the electrocytes.

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