A Hindu temple has opened its doors in Dubai’s Worship Village

The long-awaited Hindu Temple of Dubai has opened its doors in Jebal Ali Worship Village, which comprises nine religious shrines, including seven churches, one Gurudwara, and the new Temple. Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Tolerance and Coexistence, Sunjay Sudhir, Indian Ambassador to the UAE, Dr. Omar Al-Muthanna, CEO of CDA, and Raju Shroff, trustee of the Hindu Temple Dubai, ceremoniously lit a lantern jointly to commemorate the opening. The event was attended by about 200 dignitaries, ambassadors, and local community leaders.

The community-run Hindu Temple Dubai is an illuminating structure of dedication and coexistence, ushering in a new era of tolerance, compassion, and acceptance. It took three years for the trustees of the Hindu Temple Dubai to make this dream a reality. After a year of planning, Covid attacked the city as soon as construction began. Against all difficulties, and with the cautious guidance and backing of the Dubai government, development on this monument has continued for the last two years.

In his address, Raju Shroff elaborated, “Despite Covid-19, the Dubai government’s backing did not impede building timelines. The Hindu Temple Dubai is a stunning symbol of the Dubai government’s openness and compassion. The kindness of the Emiratis persists. We are pleased to be in Dubai, whether it was in 1958 to establish the first mandir in the country or now to the Hindu Temple.”

Since their arrival in the 1920s, the Indian diaspora has played an important part in the UAE’s growth. Since 1958, they have been fearless forerunners, building business and cultural linkages that bind Dubai’s social fabric. Back then, community leaders like Vashu Shroff and his family established the first Indian Temple, which began in a single room. It was a home that invited the entire diaspora to come and find calm when they needed it, as well as a crossroads of modernity and tradition to assure the preservation of our ideals that would be significant for future generations.

Mirroring this boom, the Indian community’s population skyrocketed from around 6000 in 1958 to the 3.3 million people who live there now. This dramatic increase has revitalised every part of the economy, from business to tourism, transforming Indians into a hugely prominent group in the region. The community adapted easily, with over 30,000 businesses ranging from small to medium and even global. We are currently witnessing a magnificent tapestry of intertwined traditions and heritage. Today, Dubai is often regarded as India’s best metropolis, serving as the country’s primary transportation centre. This impulse resulted in the establishment of The Hindu Temple Dubai, an institution inspired by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s legacy.

The Temple will strive to emulate his innovative approach by establishing the groundwork for a long-lasting establishment. The Hindu Temple is a wonderful combination of two civilizations, empowered by a simple but poignant notion, ‘For the people, by the people.’ The duality of the classic Hindu dome above the Mashrabiya screens infused with the 3D-printed lotus emblem is clearly the showpiece. The glass dome reaches for the sky, while the screens inspired by Arabian architecture produce soothing shadows across the space.

It beautifies and reflects harmony and purity by integrating white marble to beautify every inch of the Temple. The marble pillars and arches are likewise carved with exquisite designs and passages. Vastushastra (Hindu architecture) was influential in the decision to build an octagonal structure with an east-facing entrance. The octagonal shape is entrenched in Hindu mythology and represents the mystical Shree Yantra structure. To pre-book visits, the Temple is utilising digital technology. By the end of the year, there will be a large community centre where Hindu ceremonies such as weddings, naming ceremonies, and janiyas (thread ceremonies) can be held, with refreshments available.

(Source : IANS)

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