“Don’t use me or any of my comments as a medium to further vested interest” Says golden boy Neeraj Chopra

The Tokyo Olympics 2020 gold winner in Javelin throw from India, Neeraj Chopra was denounced after a video of him and Pakistani Javelin thrower Arshad Nadeem went viral on social media. In the video, it was seen that Neeraj taking a javelin from his Pakistani counterpart.

The video further showed, Neeraj spotting his javelin in the hands of Pakistani athlete Arshad Nadeem and then rushing towards him to take it back before his first attempt.

The video went viral on social media which was later misinterpreted by many as Nadeem trying to disrupt Neeraj Chopra’s participation ahead of the final.

However, Neeraj Chopra took to social media today and expressed his displeasure and disappointment where he shared a video and wrote on Twitter,

” I would request everyone to please not use me and my comments as a medium to further your vested interests and propaganda.

Sports teaches us to be together and united. I’m extremely disappointed to see some of the reactions from the public to my recent comments.

Tokyo Olympics gold medallist Neeraj Chopra clarified that Pakistan’s Arshad Nadeem was not tampering with his javelin before his first throw. The 23-year-old said that he is disappointed to see some of the reactions from the public.

He said, “We all have our javelins but anyone can use these javelins. This is the rule and Nadeem was just practicing using my javelin. There is nothing wrong with it”.

Neeraj also requested everyone not to use his name or any of his comments as a medium to further vested interest.

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