CUET exam set to be held in 1,000 centers with nearly a million candidates  

One million potential prospects. Each applicant submitted applications to at least five universities. There are 60,000 possible subject pairings. These are the astounding numbers of the first-ever common university entrance test (CUET), which will be held by the National Testing Agency (NTA) for undergraduate admissions to 86 universities between July 15 and August 10.

NTA authorities have stated that the results will be announced on August 20. Students’ test results will be forwarded to the universities they’ve applied to.

The organisation will administer the computer-based test in roughly 800-1000 centres across 554 cities in India and 13 locations outside of the nation. The overall number of applications is around 5 million, according to reports from HT. “Although 1 million candidates have applied for CUET-UG, each of these candidates has applied to at least five universities on average,” he added.

A scaling-up of infrastructure is also required to conduct the exercise. It is possible that the number of centers will increase to 800 to 1000. That is in the process of being finalized. The infrastructure requirements of NTA will increase after the introduction of CUET. More than 600 examination centers will be established in more than 600 districts across the country,” the official stated.

It may be the most complex, but CUET won’t be the largest. That distinction remains with NEET.

CUET won’t be the biggest, however it might be the most complicated. With NEET, that distinction still stands. “NEET continues to receive the most applications in terms of total applicants. It is 1.8 million this year. However, CUET-UG is the largest exam in the nation in terms of complexity and the amount of courses, according to the official.

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