“CowinSearchHelper” App developed by an IT engineer for easy booking of Covid-19 vaccination slots

An IT engineer from Kerela developed an app for booking slots for the Covid-19 vaccination. He named the app “CowinSearchHelper” a window desktop application, is aimed to help people struggling to get a vaccination schedule for themselves.

Limnesh Augustine an IT engineer by profession decided to develop an app that would help people to book a slot for themselves for the Covid-19 vaccine after he saw his parents struggling to find slots through Cowin App. He realized that there is a need to develop an app that would make the process easier, especially for older people.

“It was really tough for my parents to get appointments for their second dose vaccination. Since they are old and not used to these booking systems, it was very difficult for them to search for the appointments. My wife Jincy Babu and I tried to help them out in getting the appointments but, unfortunately, whenever we searched on the website, there were no slots available,” Limnesh told TNIE. 

According to him the process through the public AIP’s are quite long and complicated when it comes to people who are not used to the booking system.

Whereas, the application he developed would help the people to book vaccination centers within a 5km radius from their residence through SMS alerts whenever there is a availability of slots.

The application developed by the engineer not only helped his parents to book a slot for themselves but many other people as well.

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