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Congress Will Reserve 40% Tickets in UP for Women, Says Priyanka Gandhi Vadra .

In a bid to encourage women’s participation in politics and consolidate women’s power towards Congress, AICC general secretary Priyanka Gandhi vadra Tuesday announced to reserve 40 per cent party tickets for women for the 2022 Assembly election in Uttar Pradesh.

“In Uttar Pradesh, Congress will reserve 40 per cent tickets for women. It is our pledge that women will have full participation in the politics of Uttar Pradesh,” said Priyanka.

Asking more and more women to come and join the fight with her to change the politics of Uttar Pradesh, Priyanka said the collection of applications for poll tickets has been extended till November 15. She also said she had wanted to reserve 50 per cent seats but after consultations with others, she decided to reserve 40 per cent for women. In UP, which has 403 Assembly seats, it would mean Congress will keep 160 tickets for women candidates.

On the rationale behind the step, she said: “This decision is for every single woman in UP who wants change , believes in unity and stands for justice . who struggles to give a better life to their family and her state”, she also listed some of the names of women which inspired her to take is step .

Asserting that subsequent governments have failed to do much for women, she told women, “women have to rise up and join hands if you want real change…. No one is going to change your fate. You will have to get up and take charge. Everyone keeps making promises of providing a safe environment for women but when times comes to deliver , they end up saving the ones who trample you”.

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