Congress Leader Compared Meghalaya Youths to Taliban Militants

Amid the violence that broke out in Meghalaya’s capital Shillong on Sunday following the death of former HNLC leader Cherishterfield Thangkiew which wrecked peace in the state and especially in Shillong.

The Congress leader has considered the pictures of Taliban militants on the streets of Kabul with the situation that prevailed in Meghalaya. Referring to a recent video of masked men marching with AK-47 rifles in Shillong, Congress leader Randeep Singh Surjewala alleged that the Northeast has been pushed into arson and constitutional anarchy. He condemned the violence that broke out in Shillong.

Addressing media persons at the party headquarters, the chief spokesperson of Congress, Randeep Singh Surjewala, said, “While we see disturbing scenes in Afghanistan, the truth of Northeast is being hidden by the government. When the Taliban brandish weapons we can understand because it happens in Afghanistan. But a similar video of masked men brandishing AK-47 rifles on the streets of Shillong has surfaced. It is the abdication of duty by the Government of India.”

“The Modi government remained deaf to the situation in the Northeast. This is the result of blind lust to latch on to power in the Northeast by the BJP,” he added

He further added and condemned the incident “On the Independence Day, curfew was imposed, the internet was shut down, the Chief Ministers residence was attacked, the Governor’s convoy was attacked by pelting stones on his vehicles, but where is the Modi government, where is the home minister, why do they remain deaf ears?

He later clarified that he wasn’t comparing the miscreants in Shillong to Taliban Terrorists.

He said, “I’m not comparing.  I’m pointing out. Like Taliban terrorists brandish weapons, we can understand it happens in Afghanistan but a similar video was noticed of militants brandishing black flags, black clothes, and AK-47 through the main streets of Shillong with nobody checking them,” he said while asking “Is that not abdication of Constitutional responsibility by government of India.”

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