Congress is a “Delhi-based” political party collapsing across the country; Conrad Sangma

Conrad K. Sangma, the National People’s Party’s national president on Tuesday, unleashed a harsh attack on the Indian National Congress, labeling it as a “Delhi-based” party that was disintegrating across the country.

“Even at the national level, the Congress party has only a transitory president. They were unable to elect a leader even after three years. When there is no leadership, who will lead the party? The Congress is now split as a result of this,” Sangma said at a meeting to formally induct Congress MDC from Mawphlang, Lamphrang Blah, which was held in Mawphlang.

Sangma stated that while the NPP may be a national party, the party’s thinking is focused on the state’s and region’s regional importance and challenges.

“This is what our party is all about. The North East People’s Party (NPP) is a political party centered in the region. This is the NPP’s strength,” remarked the party’s national president.

Prestone Tynsong, NPP national vice president, said that the Congress needs to knock on the doors of Delhi to resolve the quarrel and differences between husband and wife, former chief minister Mukul Sangma and MPCC president Vincent H. Pala.

He claimed that the NPP is unlike the UDP, PDF, HSPDP, or even the Congress and BJP.

“It’s a tremendous pity that both Mukul Sangma and Vincent Pala would have to wait a week for a meeting with the party president to settle their differences,” Tynsong added.

The situation in the NPP is significantly different, according to the NPP national vice president, who stated that if there are any conflicts among the leaders, the national president will come immediately to their homes.

“Within an hour, the differences are settled. This reflects a national party in which we rule on our own,” Tynsong explained.

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