Chhattisgarh: A Traffic Constable On Duty Spotted Rs 45 Lakh In The Road and he deposited in his Station

An exemplary honest deed of a traffic policeman is setting example for all the citizens as well as for other policeman too. The news is about Raipur’s traffic policeman, on Saturday morning at Kayabandha post in Nava Raipur a man came to Nilambar Sinha and told him about a bag which was lying on the roadside. Nilambar Sinha checked the bag after a while as he was also little scared of the suspicious bag lying there. After checking the bag he found that it has Rupees 500 & 2000 bundles in it. He informed his senior officials and deposited the bag at the Civil Lines police station.

Civil Lines police has started a probe to find out, from where did the cash came and of what intention was someone travelling with this big amount of cash. Also, the Senior officials announced a reward for Nilambar Sinha.

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