World Champion Malika Handa was denied Government job due to her disability

Malika Handa is not a very well-known personality in the sports world but this sports star brought laurels to the country by winning many medals. Malika Handa is from Jalandhar Punjab and born in the year 1995, she was the first to win a gold medal in the International Deaf and Dumb Chess Championship.

She was not born deaf but lost her hearing and speech when she was one year old. She was introduced to chess in 2010 by her father when he brought home a chessboard. Malika quickly developed an interest in this game which later became her passion. She performed fabulously in the game at different levels and won medals for the country. Her performance despite her disability made the entire nation proud of her.

 Since the year 2012, she has won the National Chess Championship of the Deaf six times. This championship is organized by the All India Sports Council of the Deaf.

Recently a video was shared by Malika on tweeter where she was seen alleging that the Director of her home state, Punjab, Sports Ministry denied giving her a government job or cash rewards when she met him in person on 2nd September 2021.

Her urge and the appeal she was making despite not being able to speak portrayed her pain and struggle for getting a job and how passionate she is about the game.

However, her mother has told in an interview last month that “Malika received no appreciation from the government, despite being a seven-time national champion,” ANI.

In the video, the chess champ is trying to say through her code language that she is feeling very hurt and crying as the Director ministry sports Punjab is not helping her either by getting a job or cash reward only because she is disabled (deaf).

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