Boris Johnson warns world leaders as climate summit begins; COP26 in the UK

The globe is strapped to a “doomsday device,” according to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who began a global climate summit.

The Earth’s situation, Johnson said, is similar to that of fictitious secret agent James Bond, who is tied to a bomb that will kill the world and trying to figure out how to detonate it.

He warned them on Monday that “we are in essentially the same position,” but that the “ticking doomsday device” is now real rather than fiction.

Scientists are increasingly concerned that governments are not doing enough to control greenhouse gas emissions, which have led average global temperatures to rise.

As world leaders arrived in Glasgow for the historic COP26 climate change meeting, he spoke.

Mr. Johnson told the BBC that to halt global warming, governments must move from “aspiration to action.”

He went on to say that the summit was a “critical” time for him and that a bold outcome was still “in the balance.”

Mr. Johnson also revealed for the first time that he does not want a controversial proposed coal mine in Cumbria to go forward.

“It’s time to say enough,” UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres stated during the World Leaders’ Summit.

He added that it is past time to cease mining deeper, “brutalizing biodiversity,” and mistreating the environment. “We’re on the verge of a climatic catastrophe,” he said.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Modi, who is one of India’s supreme leaders among world leaders, arrived in Glasgow for the climate summit. At COP26 in the United Kingdom, the Prime Minister will also present India’s climate action strategy. The Prime Minister will also meet with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson for bilateral talks.

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