BJP leader seeks against Kangana Ranaut for her seditious remark…

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut’s declaration that what India achieved in 1947 was alms (bheek) but not independence was an insult to the efforts of the freedom warriors, according to Delhi BJP leader Praveen Shankar Kapoor, who sought action against her.

On social media, Ranaut’s video went viral, with many people harshly criticising what she said. She is heard saying in the video that what India received in 1947 was “alms.” “That was not freedom, but ‘bheekh’ (alms), and the freedom came in 2014,” she continued, presumably referring to the year the Narendra Modi-led government took power.

“Being the son of a freedom fighter and hailing from a family of freedom fighters,” Kapoor wrote in Hindi, “I find Kangna Ranaut’s comment that India’s independence was granted in bheek the largest misuse of freedom (of speech) and a disrespect to the sacrifice of freedom fighters.”

In his tweet, he continued, “I hope the Indian justice system takes cognizance.” Kapoor stated that what she said was inappropriate and that if a law exists, it must be enforced.

“Every freedom fighter’s family suffers, and this is the most egregious abuse of free speech,” he said.

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