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Biharis or Non-Native migrants being killed in J&K is a “matter of serious concern” – Nitish Kumar

Pakistan Radicalising the youth, operating terror camps in P.O.K. through non-state actors viz, militant groups & terrorist organizations.

With the revocation of Art.370, demographic changes, & dilimitation or redrawing of constituencies, the people of J&K expressed fear & anxiety creating hostile conditions for non-native migrants, like Biharis as is evident from the many targeted civilian killings in J&K. It’s creating an internal conflict & security issue in J&K.

Raja Rishi and Joginder Reshi from Bihar were shot dead at Wanpoh in Kulgam district on Sunday increasing the number of civilian deaths to 11 this month. street vendor, Bihari golgappa vendor, and even labourers from U.P. were also killed. More prominently it shows the hostility towards non-native migrants in J&K.

It creates an environment of fear & terror. As in the words of Nitish Kumar, killing of non-native migrants like Bihari’s is a “Matter of serious concern”.

Poor bihari labourers who build their homes, toilets & roads are being killed. ” We haven’t done anything wrong to anyone here but we are being killed” — stated terrified labourer from Bihar .

The matter has been discussed by Bihar DGP with J&K Chief Secretary & DGP over civilian killing by militant organizations in the said UTs. Further request has been made to ensure Police team & Patrolling in Bihari residing areas of J&K. Apart from this formation of a special team by the J&K administration for taking strict and appropriate preventive as well punitive i.e. punishment measures is the need of the hour and a matter of serious concern.

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