Bangladesh Govt. Launched a Massive Manhunt to Trace the Mastermind of Durga Puja Attack

The Sheikh Hasina government has initiated a huge crackdown on Pak-backed radicals and extremists who started the communal riots in Bangladesh’s Comilla area last week during Durga Puja. During the Durga Puja festival, there were attacks on the Hindu community, including vandalism of Hindu temples and the stamping of Durga idols. During the brutal communal attack, many people were killed. However, the attacker of the Comilla crime was apprehended late Thursday in the Cox Bazar area according to reports.

According to sources, Bangladesh police have identified three culprits and begun a manhunt to apprehend them, as well as detaining perpetrators from other parts of the nation.

The principal culprit of the Comilla crisis, according to Bangladesh Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan, is still at large, although all attempts are being made to apprehend him.

The Rapid Action Battalion, Bangladesh’s elite paramilitary force, has been deployed to hunt out the radicals who sparked the violence and identify the masterminds.

The Opposition BNP and the proscribed Jamaat-e-Islami, both backed by Pakistan, were the masterminds of the violence, according to senior ruling party. Extremists are said to have entered Bangladesh a few months ago to plan the mayhem during Durga Puja. According to sources, the Taliban’s capture of Kabul has empowered terrorists in Bangladesh.

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