At Least 46 Migrants Were Found Dead Inside The Tractor-Trailer In San Antonio, TX

Authorities at the scenes confirm at least 46 migrants were found dead inside the locked abandoned tractor-trailer on the outskirts of San Antonio, and more than a dozen were hospitalized, it was believed to be a human smuggling operation.


According to the city Fire Department, it appears to be one of the most deadly recent incidents of human smuggling along the U.S.-Mexico border, in San Antonio, Texas. The driver had fled from the scene, the police investigation was underway.

Sixteen individuals from the tractor-trailer who were found alive have been transported to the hospital, including 12 adults and four children.

Ron Nirenberg, San Antonio Mayor at the scene said, “We hope those responsible for putting these people in such inhumane conditions are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law”.

San Antonio, TX police department Chief William McManus said that all the deceased victims had evidence of heat-related causes of death and the survivors who were transported to the hospital were similarly suffering heat stroke, exhaustion, and dehydration.

READ: In responding to the HSI on handing over the case; here is what they say.

In a further statement he said three have been taken into custody in connection with a presumed migrant smuggling attempt, however, the investigation has been turned over to Homeland Security Investment HSI as it was now feral investment.

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