At 8-Nation Dialogue in Delhi, a declaration for a “secure, stable Afghanistan,” was made…

On Wednesday afternoon, a regional security meeting hosted by India and attended by eight countries, including Russia and Iran, declared that Afghanistan and its territories cannot be used to shelter or train terrorists or to finance terrorism.

The eight participating countries, who were represented by their respective national security advisors, discussed the evolving Afghan situation, particularly the global ramifications following the Taliban’s takeover in August, according to a joint statement titled the Delhi Declaration on Afghanistan.

According to the statement, all countries paid special attention to Afghanistan’s current political crisis, as well as dangers from terrorism, radicalization, and drug trafficking.

The eight countries – India, Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Tajikistan – also emphasised the importance of providing all humanitarian aid to Afghanistan.

Every country “reaffirmed their unwavering commitment to combating terrorism in all of its forms and manifestations, including financing, destroying terrorist infrastructure, and opposing radicalization, in order to guarantee Afghanistan does not become a safe haven for international terrorism. “

The Delhi Declaration expressed “deep concern” for the Afghan people and the “deteriorating socio-economic and humanitarian situation (that) underscored the need for immediate assistance,” as well as the importance of forming “an open and truly inclusive government that represents the will of all Afghan people and has representation from all sections of their society.”

The joint declaration emphasised the importance of assisting Afghanistan in combating COVID-19.

The eight security advisers, all of whom are men, also stressed the “importance of preserving the fundamental rights of women, children, and minorities.”

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