Assam’s Judima Rice Wine to get GI Tag Soon

The geographical tag was recently awarded to Manipur’s most famous Hathei chilli and Tamenglong orange. Assam’s Judima rice wine may be the newest addition to the list.

Judima is a rice wine created from steamed sticky rice and spices. The wine is made by the state’s Dimasa tribe and has a characteristic sweet taste. It takes about a week to make and can be preserved for years.

According to sources, this is the second GI-tagged product from Karbi Anglong and Dima Hasao’s hill areas.

The Assam Agriculture University’s agricultural research division acted as a facilitator in the process of Judima receiving the GI tag, and AAU scientists Dr. Kishore Kumar Sharma, Dr. Gargi Sharma, and Dr. S Maibongsa, as well as Dr. Uttam Baithari, a professor at Gauhati University, were involved in the application and documentation of Judima.

Although it is a local traditional drink, locals wanted to brand it and secure its future preservation, so they created a group and filed for the GI tag.

A geographical indication, or GI, is a label that appears on items that have a specific geographical origin and that have properties or a reputation that are due to that provenance.

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