Assam; Marginal Increase in Covid-19 Cases Aftermath Durga Puja Reported

Following the conclusion of the Durga Puja ceremony a marginal spike in Covid-19 cases have been reported, the Assam government is considering tightening restrictions if the scenario persists.

The government approved the celebrations on the condition that visitors and organisers be vaccinated. Officials claim, however, that the limits are not strictly implemented.

The state reported 353 instances on Tuesday, with a test positivity percentage of 0.89 percent. The state registered 160 infections on October 10, a day before Durga Puja, with a positive rate of 0.64 percent. On Tuesday, no deaths were reported.

On Tuesday, health minister Keshav Mahanta said, “On Monday, we met with the chief minister to examine the situation following Durga Puja…we came up with some solutions.”

“We will analyse the situation further over the next few days and make some judgments within a week.” “Only after seeing the graph over the next two to four days will it be evident what the measures will be and how harsh the new standards would be.” he added

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