Assam Government to start door-to-door vaccination .

The Assam government will undertake a door-to-door campaign to ensure 100% coverage of the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, between November 22 and 27 .

Assam has so far vaccinated more people than the others; in terms of first dose coverage the state’s figures of 79% correspond to the national average.

On Thursday, Assam chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma who is in Delhi, said that a special drive will be conducted across all 42,000 polling booths in the state between November 22 and 27 where healthcare workers will visit each household to inoculate those left behind.

“The vaccination will be carried out on November 22 and 23, then the entire paperwork will be done; by November 29 we will have certificates issued by a gazetted officer on the first dose coverage and in the next three months a similar drive will be carried out for the second dose coverage. By February we will have certificates for the second dose as well,” he said.

The target population for Covid-19 vaccination in Assam set by the Centre is 2.33 crore. However, the target came down to 2.28 crore when compared with the voter list. Around 15 lakh target people have not taken the Covid-19 vaccine because of pregnancy, old age, ailments etc. Deducting them, the target population for vaccination stands at 2.13 crore in the state. Since 2.03 crore of the target population have taken the first dose of the vaccine, around 10 lakh people are yet to take it.

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