Assam Floods: Aamir Khan donates Rs 25 Lakh to aid Assam’s Flood Affected Residents

With Assam experiencing one of the deadliest floods in its history, Bollywood actor Aamir Khan, donates Rs 25 lakh to the state of Assam. By making a donation to the CM Relief Fund Assam, he showed his support for the residents of Assam. At the moment, the effects of the flood are still causing anguish to nearly over 21 lakh people. Himanta Biswas Sarma, the chief minister of Assam, posted a gratitude note to Aamir on social media.

Numerous Indian benefactors are moving forwards to offer assistance in the wake of devastating surges. Many Assam families are forced to unintentionally risk coming into contact with wildlife in an elephant corridor in Nellie’s Khulahat Forest because their homes and farms have been submerged.

Over 22 lakh people have been affected in Assam, according to officials. In contrast, the state experienced a slight improvement in terms of the affected population as the number dropped to 21.52 lakhs in 22 districts as opposed to 22.21 lakhs in 28 districts the previous day.

 The majority of the state’s rivers were draining, while Kopili in Nagaon, Barak in Cachar and Karimganj, and Kushiara in Karimganj were flowing above the danger threshold, according to reports from news agency PTI citing officials.

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