Assam and Nagaland decided to move their security personnel to de-escalate border tension…

The recent dispute between the Assam-Mizoram border, claiming the lives of five Assam police personnel and injuring many, causing rising concerns between the two states.

 To avoid certain circumstances in the future with other states as well a major decision has been taken by the Chief Secretaries of Assam and Nagaland today.

A meeting was held on 31st July 2021 between the Chief Secretary of Nagaland and Assam in Dimapur to de-escalate tensions at Assam- Nagaland border in Dessoi Valley Reserved Forest due to standoff between the armed police forces of Nagaland and Assam.

However, both the states have agreed to take effective steps which are required for defusing the stand-off between the security forces of Nagaland and Assam.

The measures are taken to maintain peace and tranquility in the areas around Ao Senden village and Vikuto Village in Nagaland and known as Jankhona Nala and Compartment No.12 respectively in Assam.

In this regard, it is decided by both sides that the security personnel of both states shall simultaneously move back from their present locations to their respective base camps.

The Chief Minister of Assam, Shri Himanta Biswa Sharma informed through a tweet saying, “In a major breakthrough towards de-escalating tensions at Assam Nagaland border, the two Chief Secretaries have arrived at an understanding to immediately withdraw states ‘ forces from border locations to their respective base camps”.

Immediate steps will be taken to withdraw the security personnel from their respective location and shall be completed within 24 hours as far as possible.

Both the states shall further monitor the area using UAV and satellite imagery to maintain the existing state of affairs.

‘The Superintendent of Assam (Jorhat) and Nagaland (Mokokchung) shall ensure an orderly withdrawal of their respective forces and shall be responsible for it in the instant case, as reported by the officials.

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