ASI mom and DSP son salute each other, beautiful viral pic wins hearts

A child’s achievement is what every parent prays for. It always makes the parents proud to see their child achieving heights in his career.  On a rare but one of the most beautiful pictures so far in social media, a woman police Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI)’s the son who has become a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) got posting in his mother’s area.

Such a heartwarming picture of an ASI mother saluting her DSP son has gone all sorts of viral online. Shared on Twitter, the post that shows DSP Vishal Rabari and his mother has now won people’s hearts. There is a chance that the share will have the same effect on you too.

His mother got very happy getting her son as a senior police official in the area. As per the police norms, she has to offer a salute to her son. Doing this she feels proud of her son, whom she raised overcoming various challenges.

In Gujarat a few days ago, a senior Gujarat police official uploaded a photo on social media describing that a proud lady ASI saluted her DSP son in front of many. The photo has gone viral and many social media users lauded the mother-son due.

The lady is the mother of the senior police official. ” There will be no happy moment than this. A mother offers a salute to her son,” the official writes in his post.

Dinesh Dasa, Chairman of Gujarat Public Service Commission, shared the picture. “What could have been the most satisfying moment for an ASI mother to see her Dy.SP son, @vishal__Rabari, stands before her reciprocating her salute bundled with years of commitment and dedicated motherhood with sheer love…!! GPSC celebrates this picture-perfect…!!!” he tweeted.

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