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Another heinous murder in Gorakhpur is caught on camera; View the video

Manish Gupta, a Kanpur businessman, died in a Gorakhpur hotel under suspicious circumstances. According to the victim’s relatives, he died after police officers who entered his room assaulted him, resulting in his death.

Another tragic occurrence happened in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, within the authority of the same police station that killed businessman Manish Gupta. A 25-year-old employee at a local wine shop was battered to death by drunken customers. The incident was caught on camera by a surveillance camera.

Manish Prajapati, a Madhya Pradesh native, has been employed in this model shop for a few months. A group of males entered this model shop on Thursday and requested beverages. Customers were reportedly enraged by the order delay and engaged in a verbal altercation with Manish.

Customers allegedly assaulted Manish and another employee, Raghu, as the argument swiftly developed into a violent fight.

The assault lasted almost 15 minutes. It’s also been said that the customers called a few more associates to join the assault.

All of the attackers had fled by the time the cops arrived. Both injured people were transferred to the hospital, where Manish was pronounced dead. Raghu remains in serious condition in the hospital.

Police have opened an investigation and are attempting to identify the suspects. “We’ve gathered the surveillance footage and are working to identify the suspects. A few suspects have been identified. The offender will be apprehended as soon as possible “a police officer stated.

However, two tragic instances under the jurisdiction of the same police station that resulted in the deaths of two people are unacceptably painful. A 25-year-old poor person died, and another is struggling to stay alive. What are the legislators up to? The response is awaited.

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