Ampareen Lyndoh challenges the AICC’s action; Meghalaya

In response to the All India Congress Committee’s threat to take action against the five MLAs for backing the NPP-led administration without the AICC’s agreement, Congress Legislature Party leader Ampareen Lyngdoh claimed the AICC couldn’t impose conditions on them.

“We’re not a CLP that just goes through the motions.” “At this point in time, we five are the party’s sole surviving MLAs,” she said to reporters on Wednesday.

She claims that the AICC is to blame for the party’s state unit’s problems.

“If the party takes action against us, it will be against its own interests.” Lyngdoh added, “We’d like to leave it up to your intelligence to decide.”

She slammed Meghalaya Pradesh Congress Committee president Vincent H Pala, saying that it doesn’t matter what one person says.

She revealed that meeting with AICC leaders is difficult for MLAs and that it is completely inappropriate for them to have to wait for their (AICC’s) permission on matters that are politically beneficial to the state.

“We want to make it clear that we will not abandon the party.” You, on the other hand, can no longer govern us. Listen to us because it will benefit the party in Meghalaya. Otherwise, do as you please. “We are not operating a charity,” Lyngdoh explained, “and we are accountable to the people who elected us.”

She claimed that because the BJP is a member of the CLP’s coalition, it is not their problem. “We lost 12 MLAs and no one seemed to notice. “We’re survivors who didn’t want to fight any system,” she explained.

Meanwhile, Conrad K Sangma, the chief minister, has ruled out a cabinet change to make room for five Congress MLAs, saying the government will review their roles.

Without the consent of the MPCC or the AICC, the five Congress MLAs elected to back the NPP-led MDA government, which includes the BJP as a partner, in a remarkable political shift.

The five MLAs, Ampareen Lyngdoh, Mohendro Rapsang, PT Sawkmie, Mayralborn Syiem, and Kimfa Marbaniang, sent the chief minister a letter of support on Tuesday, stating their intention to cooperate with the MDA government.

After the Congress Legislature Party offered its support to the MDA, Sangma stated he will call the BJP to address any animosity with the coalition partner.

The chief minister described the move as encouraging since it allows all political parties in the state to work together to address the state’s major concerns. “I’ll contact them (the BJP) for a meeting, and we’ll try to work something out,” he continued.

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