Afghanistan is on the verge of Humanitarian Disaster, Must Unify Immediately; UN Chief General Antonio Guterres

As the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan worsens, it is feasible that it will deteriorate in the future. Last week, three children were reported to have died of starvation, providing an inevitable example of how the Afghan economy, which is fast collapsing, has become a source of concern for the entire globe.

On Wednesday, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres urged that countries must unify and act quickly to ensure a better future for Afghans.

According to UN News, the UN head delivered a statement on Wednesday at a regional gathering of Foreign Ministers from Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan attended the conference in Tehran, according to media sources, with their Russian and Chinese counterparts joining via video.

In a video message, the UN chief stated, “Afghanistan is facing an epic humanitarian disaster and is on the verge of a development catastrophe.” Guterres asked nations to speak in one.

“We can only attain more stability if we work together. Let us act with commitment – and without delay – to assist the Afghan people and ensure a better future for all.”

Furthermore, Guterres expressed gratitude to neighboring countries for their cooperation in transporting aid workers and supplies. He also stressed the importance of continuous cooperation on the refugee crisis, adding that “international support to hosting nations must equal the extent of requirements.”

However, in a virtual address to a G20 emergency summit on Afghanistan earlier this month, India’s Prime Minister emphasized the importance of working together to repair Afghanistan’s economic situation.

Modi also emphasized the importance of preventing terrorism from spreading on Afghan soil. He also urged for an inclusive government in Kabul to protect the country’s socio-economic progress during the last two decades.

Modi urged the international community to “forge a unified international reaction” because “it will be difficult to achieve the required improvement in Afghanistan’s circumstances without it.”

He also “emphasized the importance of ensuring that Afghan territory does not become a source of radicalization and terrorism, regionally or globally,” and urged the international community to step up its “joint fight against the nexus of radicalization, terrorism, and drug and arms smuggling in the region.”

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