Afghanistan: Bomb blast in Kabul’s mosque 5 civilians killed, claimed the Taliban

At least 5 civilians have been killed in an explosion outside the Eid Gah mosque on the 3rd of October in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan according to the Taliban.
The initial report indicates that the explosion was caused by a roadside bomb. Three suspects have been arrested, said by Taliban official spokesman Bilal Karimi.

“I heard a tremendous sound and saw people rushing away,” said Mohammad Israili, a Kabul resident.
Four people were injured in the blast, according to an Italian-funded emergency hospital in Kabul.
The explosion exemplifies the difficulties that the Taliban Government is facing after a blitz assault to seize control of Afghanistan.

Taliban fighters were not harmed in the attack. Taliban spokesman Bilal Karimi told the associated press news agency. “Those killed in the attack were civilians outside the mosque gate”.

With the country’s mounting security issues occurring at a time when Afghanistan’s economy is collapsing, the Taliban is attempting to administer the country with no foreign assistance.
However, attacks in the vicinity of Kabul, on the other hand, have become more common in recent weeks. IS has shown symptoms of spreading beyond the east and closer to the capital.

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