A Baby Born In The Air Over The Black Sea.

On the London-Kochi Air India aircraft, a mother gave birth to a baby boy immediately after it took off from Heathrow Airport on Tuesday night.

Maria Philip, a native of Kerala’s Pathanamthitta, was seven months pregnant when she boarded the aircraft back home. She began to have labor pains immediately after take-off.

Meanwhile, the Air India flight from London to Kochi was diverted to Frankfurt after a pregnant passenger onboard went into labor and gave birth on board.

The woman went into labor shortly after the airplane took off from London at 1.21 p.m., according to reports (6.51 pm IST). Fortunately, two doctors and four nurses, as well as the cabin crew, were also on the same flight and assisted the woman in giving birth. At the moment of delivery, the plane was flying above the Black Sea.

Because it was a medical emergency, the flight was rerouted to Frankfurt, the next airport, so that the newborn baby and mother could be cared for, according to an Air India staffer.

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