3 dead, 500 injured due to scorpion bite amid heavy rain in Egypt.

According to the Middle East, heavy rain and thunderstorms in the Egyptian city of Aswan have resulted in a lethal scorpion outbreak that has killed three people and injured at least 500 more. According to state-run media, heavy rain and flooding in Egypt’s southern province have killed three people and hospitalized more than 500 others as a result of scorpion stings.

Last week, scorpions and snakes were driven out of the southern city of Aswan by torrential rain, dust storms, and snow, according to Al-Ahram, a government-run Egyptian daily. According to BBC News, three individuals have died as a result of scorpion stings, and 500 more have been hurt as a result of the stings.

Storms drove scorpions out of their hiding places and into many homes around the province, according to health officials. He said that at least 503 persons were hospitalized after being stung by scorpions and that all of them were released after receiving anti-venom treatment.

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