11 Afghan Sikhs And The Ashes Of Martyr Swinder Singh Arrived In India

A group of 11 Afghan Sikhs arrived in India today, 30 June, days after the attack on Kabul Gurdwara the ashes of Swinder Singh, who was killed during the attack on the holy Gurudwara was brought back to the Indian soil.

11 Afghan Sikhs

The flight arrives from Kabul to Delhi at 11:30 this morning. Also, onboard Raqbir Singh who was injured during the Kabul Gurdwara attack. The Indian government had granted e-visas on 19 June, to over 111 Hindus and Sikhs from Afghanistan following a deadly terror attack.

The attack in Kabul, Afghanistan at Karte Parwan Gurudwara on the 18th of June 2022 was called it “an act of support” for the Prophet. The Islamic State terrorist group claimed the responsibility for the attack in which two people lost their lives including one whose ashes had been brought back to India, Swinder Singh.

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